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Picnic Time at FARM AYR or in your lounge or backyard at home!

Enjoy a Picnic at FARM AYR (open June - Oct)! Reserve a beautiful Picnic site with a picnic table under a tree or a table in the entrance tent on our farm for your whole family! Kids are welcome to explore our playground. We also offer train and tractor rides - tickets are available at the ticket office. 

Select picnic and delivery option in shopping cart and complete the booking form: 


Picnic for 2 adults for only $99.00 

- Grapes or other seasonal fruit

- 2 Baby Bell Cheese

- 2 Mini Brie Cheese 

- Gouda Cheese

- 2 Laughing Cow Cheese

- Blue Cheese (180gr.)

- Canadian Cheese (200gr) 

- Olives

- Melba Toast & 1 French Loaf

- Potato Salad (450gr)

- Pepperoni Sticks (75gr)

- Salami (70gr)

- Ham Pâté

- Red pepper dip & 1 other dip, i.e. guacamole (210gr)

- Ham (70gr)

- Dessert (Chocolate or Chocolate Brownies)

- 1 Bottle of Sparkling Cider (no alcohol)

- Includes 1 reusable basket or container

Picnic for 1 Child (or more in addition to Picnic for 2 adults- see above)  $12.00

- 1 box for 1 child with ham, cheese, crackers & grapes   

- 1 packets of Lay's chips

- Dessert for 1 child (i.e. Chocolates or Chocolate Brownies)

- 1 Fruit Juice

Please note: Nuts and basket are for display only and not included