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We offer two different five day long day camps. The camps take place on our farm in a save environment. Kids are constant under supervision. We have many years of experience. Kids enjoy being in- and outdoors and learn about nature and farming and team building , regardless of the theme of the camp. They have fun and enjoy learning trough play and participation. 

COVID 19: 

It is our priority to meet all the guidelines imposed by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Health.

The “Day Care Camps” are specifically designed to host kids during Covid19. 

We therefore have added the following safety protocols which include the following:

 -     Farm Ayr staff will wear masks where it is not possible to keep the required 2 meters distance 

-     The Day Care Summer Camp will include up to 8 kids

-     There will be one adult- councilor and one junior assistant

-     Dropping off and collecting of your children will take place outdoors

-     There will be hand sanitizer available at all times

-     Washrooms and all facilities will be regularly cleaned

We have moved “The Farm & Circus Camp” to August in anticipation that circumstances will allow us to go ahead knowing that we can adhere to all essential regulations at this time. The decision whether we can go ahead with this camp will be made 30 days prior to the camp.   

Please note: for each camp a min. amount of kids is required - we reserve the right to cancel a camp.  

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DAY CARE SUMMER CAMP kids 4 - 8 years of age

FARM & CIRCUS CAMP for kids 4 - 12 years of age