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Health & Safety:

Farm Ayr was due to the pandemic forced to be closed for the 2020 season. We successfully hosted some summer camps in 2021. A reason more to be very excited for re- opening our Summer Camps in 2022. We added more Summer Camps due to the high demand and are thankful for all bookings received. Thank you for your support!  

We of course respect the advice and rules given by the authorities during the pandemic and therefore have been in contact with Waterloo – Kitchener Health Department. Our tents are considered an outdoor facility. The outdoor playground & Circus Tent on our farm offers the best safe environment during the pandemic. We will whenever possible lift some of the 3m tall sidewalls in the main tent and leave the entrance permanently open in the entrance tent. This will give us a covered area of approx. 6500 sq. feet (600sqm) for less than 25 people (children and coaches). The tented area (capacity 700 people) will allow us to also offer a show for the parents to see what the kids learnt. We will set up 80 ring side chairs and 14 large round tables with 8 chairs each in the Main Tent.

We will during the camp also have different outdoor training stations which are located in our 1200 sq feet (110 sq meters) pergola and under in the shade of our large trees.   

Equipment and washrooms will regularly be cleaned. There will be hand sanitizers. Kids will not be forced to wear masks outdoor and in the tent (as it is considered an outdoor facility). Although we adult coaches have been fully vaccinated, will were masks when we are not able to keep two-meter distance to the children.      

This is a friendly reminder that we are not a Circus School, hence we only encourage the kids to learn and experience the farm and the real “Circus Show business”. Our motto will be for kids:

“Never say- I cannot do it, as we never show you something which you cannot do. However, you are at any stage welcome to say- I do not want to do it!”