Switzerland & South Africa to Canada - Farm Ayr - our home

An educational project, established overseas in 1989 and relocated to Ayr in 2012.

A Unique Farm Experience!

In 2011 over twenty acres of the 100 acre “Stager Farm” was rezoned to an Agricultural and educational Agri-tourism business. Farm Ayr – an educational and recreational farm, was founded. Farm Ayr offers a playground, train & tractor wagon rides, refreshments and delicious meals at “Farm Ayr Kitchen” with its picnic tables and tables inside the entrance tent. Our farm is a unique venue with its fully equipped tents for any occasion. Farm Ayr hosted many in and outdoor events, such as markets, fundraisers, product launches, client or employee appreciation days, teambuilding and various live entertainment under the Big Top. A great experience and lots of fun at FARM AYR!   

Let Kids be Kids!

Our passion, love and ambition are to educate children through play and live- entertainment! Through various themes such the “Kids Dream Circus”, we encourage kids to participate, overcome fear and gain self-confidence.

Summer camps and birthday parties focus on teaching kids about agriculture and nature. This is not only an ideology but should also be seen as a social responsibility. With our ambition and experience and your visit- we all contribute to make this project successful! Farm Ayr offers a unique outing for schools, parents and their children in a safe environment. Let children be children and adults become kids again at FARM AYR!

A married couple, the wife born in Cambridge ON, returns with her Swiss born husband and twelve 40ft containers of equipment from overseas to Canada in 2007. They relocated their educational business to Ayr ON, and run it with the help of their two children (born in Cambridge ON).
Our youngest member of our family- Blaze the Irish Terrier from Switzerland. Responsibilities at Farm Ayr: Security, Mouse Catcher, Kid Lover